Women of Faith Kenya


Women of Faith Kenya

“We need to go in the village to see one of our ladies, she was beaten by her husband last night so badly that she can’t leave the house, her husband is not working here and when he is coming home he is getting drunk and beats all the family”

This was my first story that I hearth in Kibiko, at the office of Women of Faith Kenya, an organization that in the last 4 years their goal was to help the Maasai ladies who wants to finish the vicious traditions of their tribe and start to live a normal life.


Juliet & Opiki

Juliet is a very kind lady, with a cute smile, she is coordinating all the work of this organization to help this ladies earn some money to feed their children. She has a handcraft social enterprise for making bags, specific Maasai bracelets, necklaces or any other traditional Maasai handcraft.

This is about Women of Faith Kenya, but the story in the back made me almost cry, because many years ago Julie, the mind behind the brand, had her own problems with the men who she married.

“You see men in our days, they leave home to work or just hang around, they go and when they come back home, they see everything done and start to feel useless in the family. A lady if she doesn’t have food to feed her children she goes and works, she goes in the forest and carries wood for fire. If she needs something she does without expecting someone to come and help”

She had a similar experience in the past, but a more urban one, because her husband was an accountant and her struggle from then motivated her for more than 4 years to push this organization forward.

She saw this ladies hopeless in the front of their men, with no future, because the Maasai men have only one objective to have as many girls as possible to trade them for cows or goats. They drink a lot, they beat their families for their insecurities and continue living. A cow is more important than his wife.

Hearing this stories I felt really hopeless in this kind of situation, but Julie is strong, she is a really strong lady who owns her story very well. In the past 4 years she helped the community with money, different clothes made in their small “factory”, partnerships from other countries to get shoes, pills for the most common disease around.


The future of Women of Faith Kenya

She is building now a house for the organization, a place for this ladies where to work, for kids a place to get educated, a small office, all this under the same roof and a small house next where ladies who have problems home can hide again theirs men rage.

The most important she is giving a home to this ladies, faith that tomorrow will be a better day and she does that by getting the small girls to schools, just to stop their dads to not sell them life materials.

In the office it was a schedule for this ladies and one thing moved me, class for “Human rights”.

It’s sad, it’s touching and moving, but is made with a lot of home, visiting a Maasai house couldn’t let me indifferent and from the small money that I had I contributed to help the building a new house, because the Maasai houses are very small and really unhealthy, in a 20 square meters live a family of 10 people plus 2 goats.

This is the story of “Women of Faith Kenya”, most of the people don’t know their story, because they are in a corner of the world and they are struggling, but they have faith for a better tomorrow.

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Women of Faith Kenya – a place for new beginings


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