Why to bring to life?

25 is the age when is perfect to peruse your dream, because you don’t have any strings attached, you are quite mature and to do this you need just the guts to prove yourself that you deserve it.

Today I found 25 reasons why to bring Continental Rush to life:
1. Is about people who need help
2. Is about the future of the world, because is providing change
3. Is about writing a book that will inspire people
4. Is a dream that seeks his way to reality
5. It will be the first book about AIESEC international internships
6. It will help AIESEC fulfill its vision
7. It will give new perspectives to people
8. It will develop people from Chogoria
9. It will develop people from Surabaya
10. It will develop people from Guanajuato
11. Romania needs ambassadors to believe in it
12. Is a journey that will change me a lot
13. Kids in Kenya need to see other ways to live then illegal labor
14. It will help Indonesian people find a job easily
15. It will help Mexicans understand the beauty of Romania
16. I will be sharing stories of awesome people that I will meet
17. I will be talking in events for young people to inspire them
18. I will be coaching people to achieve their dreams
19. I will be sending postcards from corners of the world
20. I will get the Romanian flag at Cervantino Festival
21. I will be the Ambassador of Iasi, who wants to be European capital of culture 2021
22. Is more expensive to do volunteering, because you offer your time and money to help others
23. I will help others became change agents
24. I will achieve my life mission
25. Is a journey that will offer me the time to think how I can impact the world


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