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People around keep asking me, why you want to do this? Why not stay home, have a normal life, you have a well payed job, a secure future in IT, your family is near in Botosani,you have a beautiful girlfriend, you have everything why you leave all this behind and you want to do volunteer work in other countries.

Because i believe i can change the world! That’s why, i want to do volunteer work on 3 continents and live with host families, i believe this is the way i can fulfill my life vision and when i will be back home to offer other perspectives to Romania’s next generation, because it’s easy to find reason why not to do something, why you will fail, why you already failed, then finding solutions to the problems around you. I believe by setting an example that solutions lead to impactful and successful initiatives that change the world, we will live happier!

I was in Russia 2 years ago and did volunteer work for the 64th anniversary of AIESEC, the biggest event inside the organisation in 2012, 1000 members from 110 countries under the same roof, for me was the dream that came true, because for 3 years i dreamed to be in the organizing committee at the International Congress and in that year happened in Russia.

I moved in Moscow for 2 months, 2 months of continues adaption to the new situation offered by this country, because all was new for me, new alphabet, new language, new people, nothing was expected. I was hosted by a dorm with low conditions to live, my comfort resumed to a spring bed and nothing else, even it was Moscow this wasn’t applied, i was a volunteer, in Iasi i knew a lot of people,here i didn’t knew anyone, everything changed in just some hours.

One day the dorm administrator wanted to kick us out, because we didn’t clean our rooms like army man did, we didn’t went to sleep at 11 when it was bed time for them and we wanted to party, the dorm was closing at 11PM and opened again at 6AM, it was the dorm from Special Intervention Faculty, for us was normal to go to sleep at what hour we want, when we want, do what we want in our room, but in mother Russia the rules are their rules and you need to adapt to their country, their culture. In that moment we adapted, we started to cover our beds with blankets, we party only out of the dorm, we respected their rules.

I believe if you are in the comfort zone you are reason oriented, you find reasons for every action you didn’t took, “i’m lazy”,”i don’t want to do this”, a lot of “bla bla” that you sell to yourself, but when you are outside of the comfort zone you are solution oriented, because i feel that you need to find solution to save your situation, there is no time for reasons, they don’t count, is you and the solution you decided to take.

This is why i want to be an international volunteer and make this Continental Rush,i feel the need to challenge myself, to find my best version, to work in communities from where i can learn valuable lessons, like from Africans how to live simply, from Asians the orientation to details or from Latin Americans the passion they put in what they do and share all this stories trough my blog, my future book, speeches, training sessions and any other way that i can touch every young person in Iasi, in Romania, in the world.

Thank you very much and with a lot of love Tzury >:D<


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