Volunteering my first love

Have you ever lived that moment when you finished your day and you don’t have any recollection about it?

It happened for me many times.

I was leaving work, meeting my girlfriend and she was asking me:

“What did you do today?”

Not even a single story came in my mind, than “I coded”. To many times I came home from work and staying in bed, nothing I was happy about appeared in my mind, nothing to celebrate.

I was thinking forward what will happen when I will have my first kid and he will ask me:

“Dad what did you do today?”.

It was a storm up there, in my head, and was sending my focus out of learning, out of work, out of many things and I was concerned that probably I was broken.

The real deal was that I wasn’t prepared for work, for corporate work, after 8 years of intense volunteering.

In Botosani, I activated in a theater club formed with other colleagues of mine (2 years in a row the Drama Club from my high school rejected me), making forests cleaner than my room, or making fundraising campaigns to put smiles on the faces of old and young people with physical problems.

It was 2013, it was October and I was in my dorm room, in my bed, staring at the sealing, and memories from my last 5 years where running like a marathon of episodes.

Stories from my AIESEC experience were developing in front of my eyes, photos with every person that I worked with, it felt like a generic of a movie, nights in which I couldn’t sleep because of the problems i was facing, moments when I was rejected because I wasn’t good enough, conferences where I was crying because they ended or the moments when I was delivering trainings, talking in front of people, trying to change perspectives.

Every story was about people that I meet and changed the course of my life completely.

It was the day when I became an Alumnus of AIESEC in Iasi.
That day remembers me that nothing has an end, just an opportunity for new beginnings. A door was closed and other were opened for dreaming more, because everything was possible.

8 years of volunteering was a continuous challenge to overcome my limiting beliefs, my comfort zone and my ego, because when you volunteer, you make your ego smaller than the cause you are fighting for.

I never imagined to share flyers to promote AIESEC or to go in the dorms talking with people about how volunteering can change them. I did everything that I could do, to make Iasi, Romania, a better place.

Stories are created when you are out of your comfort zone, where you can be vulnerable, where you meet new people, see new perspectives, when you leave everything behind and start on a new path, like when you are in the jungle and start to make your own way out.

This is why I want now to be an international volunteer and I will do whatever it takes to go for 6 months on 3 continents and do volunteering work in Kenya, Indonesia and Mexico, trying to help other people.

Now, I’m like a guitarist in a square, singing my story and waiting for people to believe in it and donate to this cause, because I need to raise 5500E until the 14th of June, in order to start this new experience.

It’s hard to be vulnerable and show the world who you are.

After each time I receive someone’s contribution, tears of joy are running out, because brings me one step closer to the dream to impact people from 3 continents.

Personal projects are dreams with deadline

Thanks for reading >:D<


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