Turning 25

keep-calm-i-m-turning-25-todayTurning 25 is a special moment for many people, because from my point of view is the age you start to change your priorities.

For me is the moment when I start to question my daily activities…
Where I want to be in 10 years?
What do I want an outstanding career or a family?
To live in Romania or abroad?

This are just my concerns, probably you will don’t have the same doubts as me, but looking back is so beautiful to look.

When I was a kid my grandpa was saying: “Mirciulica take care of yourself and live a life worth sharing with your kids”.

Now i’m looking back at my life and i’m grateful of everything that happened to me in the last years.

I want to share with you some of the tips that  helped me smile now and then:
1. First be you, the real you
2. Fall in love, is so beautiful
3. Deal with your problems, are like your garbage and you need to get it out
4. See as many sunrises as you can, because even you wake up or you are coming from a party is amazing
5. Play stupid games, don’t say you are too old for that
6. Regrets are just regrets not the real you
7. You live only once, there is no Aegis in this world
8. Dance on a table,
9. Love your parents and state that, because we forget them
10. Don’t take things for granted because you will stop loving them
11. Put your dreams on the wall
12. Live in the dorm, is like having a lot of brothers
13. Don’t lose faith in your ideas
14. People will test your strength, just to see if you worth having it
15. Smile and Hug people as many as you can
16. Don’t follow TV, is making you afraid of reality
17. Be crazy and risk it all, in the end only who succeed is remembered
18. Wake up early and do some sport
19. Make a lot of friends, to have a lot of memories
20. Share what you have with the people who doesn’t have
21. Finish a faculty, is so amazing
22. Live in other counties just for one month
23. Test all the good drinks, some of them will be your partner
24. Listen to others stories, because one day you will tell a story and you want to be listened
25. Don’t show an attitude older than your real age


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