Too much or too many

I need a new reality, I read too much, I think too much, I believe too much, I live too much.

Where is the stop of living by the moment and the start of building a solid future?

Where is the end of fun moments and when is the start of get it serious?

What path to follow or what habit to stop?

This are questions that makes me hurt, day by day, because is too much uncertainty, it’s a world full of possibilities, but sometimes I don’t have any other choice.

People want to be white and others want to be brown or black. What is good and what is bad?

Why I need to be happy and why is bad to be sad?

Why if you offer everything you are to easy? Why if you offer sometimes you are not offering enough?

To many questions that don’t have an answer, in the end only us we can judge what is good or bad.

I don’t know the answer and probably you will know the answer for you, because it’s your reality, but mine is different.

I’m going out for an ice-cream, because my head is hurting…


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