The Sun is my hero


My favorite moment of the day is the sunrise, but how I got to this or what makes me want to see the sunrise each time it’s a story that started when I was a kid, but in 2012 I give it a meaning.

It was April 2012, I was in Germany at NaLDS the conference that changed forever the course of my life, it was the last day and I need it to find a posture to remember my life vision.

It was a sunny day so I looked to the sun with one eye and a big smile, to remember that “Doing valuable things in life, I want to help people live excited”.

Even now that moment is crystal clear in my head, because it’s the sum of many moments that in that conference forced me to be real, who I am. Forces to accept who I am, to make peace with my past and create new a start for me.

NaLDS was the conference where I understood leadership, I started to accept myself and I meet awesome people like Kevin Groen, Dey Dos, Alex Glod, Justus and the other people from my group.

In the second day of the conference one of the session was dedicated to look in our past.

I was so afraid to do that. It was hard to admit that I was almost 23 and I didn’t had a girlfriend, all my life I did things to impress others, to become popular, I wanted to please others to be a cool guy like them, but looking back It didn’t made me happy.

It was hard to own my story, to accept what I’ve become and demolish everything and build something more meaningful, to build something that in the years will come I can be a successful story for me.

First I used my tears to clean the mess in my head, moments when I was an opportunity for jokes because I was fat or not being accepted, because I was different.

I started to see the good parts of what I did in my past, the drama club, the AIESEC stories, my geek friends who really reflected my personality in them. I started to see the values that I had.

Values like perseverance, enjoying participation, loyalty and emotional involvement.

I looked back and found my gifts from God, my intuition, to connect dots, to find solutions to problems, for every problem in my life I found a solution that can be easy implemented.

Helping others grow, this is why I decided to be a trainer or coach or just a storyteller, because I want to create more leaders on this planet, probably this is the biggest thing in leadership.

This morning Valerica, a good friend posted a quote on Facebook:

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.

This was the story of NaLDS, a conference where I learned to accept my story, to accept who I am, to believe that I’m enough, to dare greatly and went home with a clear thing in mind: “Doing valuable things in life, I want to help people live excited”.

And sunrise is the only moment of the day who is representing me the most.

The sun is perseverant because comes daily, is loyal because always comes back, is enjoying participating because smiles to people and is emotional involved because brings hope to each and one of us for a better day.


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