Night walk of life

It’s 9pm, all my family is in the house, Surabaya is cooling down after a hot day, a busy day for some people, relaxing for others, but the silence of a 3 million people city can be notices on its streets.

I got out of the house to take a walk, the air is good, not so wet or hot, just to enjoy a walk with my thoughts, are like my pet and need some time for them.

I get outside and start to walk, my neighborhood is lovely, because it’s green, it’s alive, it’s full of trees, full of energy, bats are flying from a tree to another, rats are hiding from the cats or just getting in peoples garbage for some food, something to eat is good for everyone.

Small Chi-Chas, I call them lizards are going on the walls of the houses, to bring luck, people are staying in the front of their houses with a cigar or a drink and chatting about their life, about their family, their struggles.

And me just an attentive observer to this beautiful reality and thinking what is making them happy, the sense of freedom after a hard day, a hug from their kids and wife, a good word from their mom, a moment to relax, but one thing that is shocking me is that they are not stressed, even they don’t have all the things they dream of…

I believe in moments of joy like this one to just smile with a bottle of coke in my hand and move between houses just to observe and cherish this kind of beauty.

I strongly believe in moments like this, who can define us. Moments when we need our nature to be free, not scared by the rat who is going out of the garbage, because probably he is the same afraid as us or more, but see its beauty “everything in this world was made to be loved”.

I believe that we need to live more joyful, to be grateful for the moments of stupidity when we felt again as kids, moments when we felt complete free of fears and full of courage as Brene Brown said in her works.

Go to sleep world, tomorrow it’s a new day and a good reason to fall asleep with a smile, because you can be again joyful, grateful and free!


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