My first week in Indonesia

I’m in Indonesia for one week and what is happening here is like a dream come true, because I was dreaming to find awesome people to spent time, to know stories and I found opened people to connect, to exercise their English to have brighter perspectives.

Let’s take it back, on the 7th of August I said see you later Kenya, a experience that shaped me a lot, because i really changed my way of seeing Africa, Kenya, traditions, rules and understanding how they experience life.

I think that the Kenyan experience will find her role after all it will finish, because when I was there I couldn’t find my purpose, the reason why i’m there and now looking back it makes a lot of sense, as Steve Jobs said “You can’t connect the dots looking forward”.

On the 8th of August I had a 18 hours stop in Dubai, where Darius, an awesome AIESEC Iasi Alumnus, showed me Dubai with his car and made some picture to remember the beauty of it and with the idea to come back after time.

On the 9th of August I landed in Jakarta, the airport here has 3 Terminals and it’s quiet confusing, I’m suggesting to ask all the time to find from where you flying company is departing, then fly again to Surabaya.

At 5PM, after of 2 days of flying and going from Nairobi to Surabaya, I got to the place where I will say home for the next 7 weeks.

The family here is very nice, they offer me food, condition, washing machine, because when I opened my luggage all my clothes were smelling cow pup, it was awful, but funny at the same time.

I slept for 12 hours and then I had an AIESEC Induction program after 5 years of AIESEC, it was so funny, but was useful, because they explained a lot of tips and tricks or ways to behave in the family, with friend and so on.

Then Monday the first day at school and so on.

Resuming my first week of teaching I can say was a good experience to remember things about world war 2, to explain where is Romania, stories about Romania, teaching some Romanian, like “Buna dimineata or Te iubesc”.

The problem is the same as I faced when I was their age, the lack of confidence in speaking with a foreigner person and this week, this is my mission to make then interact more with me, to speak more in English and to engage them in conversations in English.

My week finished with a welcome party for me and other 10 internationals, I visited Sunday Market an event that is happening 3 times per year and experiencing the National Independence day of Indonesia.

Soon I will come back with new stories about my weekend.


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