Mistakes come and go

It’s so hard to be wrong, is a price that you pay with a lot of tears or uncomfortable moments.
Instead of paying we are keeping our feeling home, we stop going after what we want and the most important we find a pattern to fit in.

Is not something bad here, because is easy to coordinate a herd of sheep, then people who are not living in fear.
What I started to see is a patterned in the world, in Game of Thrones they kill everyone for each mistake, at the news we see people beating each other for different mistakes, Mafia is taking care of people for their mistakes.
We have a culture in every place in the world for paying for what you’ve done.

Think about how we are treated when we were kids, we drop a mug on the ground, slapped, destroy something in the house slapped, get a bad grade slapped, so you are punished with pain for every mistake you do, in order to correct yourself.

So now I’m 25 years old, but I’m afraid to be wrong, I prefer to stay silent then to talk and be wrong, I try to understand why I experience this shamy feeling, no one will hit me for being wrong, but I’m still afraid of something bad will happen to me.

I think it’s hard to live a life full of fear and shame for what you are, you do and you want, thinking to much is keeping you in the same place, I stayed to much in the same place for years, just because I was afraid to fail.

I’m feeling that the education we need to offer is more to explore and we the mature ones to be a safety net for the young ones, because growing a new generation with courage will change something, in Iasi, in Romania, in this world, we are responsible for our future and if others do what they do, they don’t need to be killed, but downgrade their opinions by good examples of courage people.

“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”

Inspired by the photo posted by Mihail Musat and reading “Gift of imperfection” by Brene Brown


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