It’s just a matter of black and white


One night I was staying in my bed and looking at the ceiling. It’s a very clean white and I started to think why white is for good and black is for bad…

Then other questions popped: Why we can’t be happy and smile even when it’s black and be sad with a lot of white around us?

All this kind of questions are disturbing my young conscious, who is constantly expending, with ideas about the world, to start to understanding it, I take it as it is, with a lot of black and white or any combinations of this.

What I started to understand is that white is helping you to see the reality, even is dirty sometimes and most of us we are embarrassed to wear dirty clothes so we hide in the back of black.

If you use a dirty cloth all the people will judge you and probably you will feel ashamed so it’s better with a black shirt where people can’t see anything, it’s safe, but you are not noticeable.

In the night you see only the start who still have the light to shine until earth, the others are just black points and far, far away from us.

Let’s think like this, the clothes we wear are our soul and it’s hard to connect with something you don’t see, it’s hard to notice someone who you can’t find.

In Romania we have a quote “to clean your clothes in public” and it’s the easy way to do that, because you in black probably you will point your finger to the dirty ones and a dirty one can’t say nothing.

But even your black is dirty, because we need ways to clean our souls, to clean our hearts, our minds, our conscious.

I feel that I can understand and empathies with both of them, it’s not good or bad, because I had the both clothes in my drawer, but now I choice the white one, because I want to clean it, then make it dirty again, but be notices and be ready to feel like a start in the night.


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