I forgot to say goodbye

There are more than 2 weeks from the moment I left Kenya, it was an experience that helped me a lot, even all the situations were against my plans, I wasn’t expecting the people, the conditions, the stories, nothing, everything in Kenya was unexpected, as a good friend who is in Cameroon said “Nothing can prepare you for Africa”.

It started with a lot of fear, with a lot of judgment, with a lot of determination that I knew what we need to do and it was a matter of time until the results will come.

All this expectations from my side, in the end I can’t judge anyone in Kenya that he didn’t offer me the best that he has or do the best he can.

I can’t judge people when I’m the person who is in their country, where their culture is making the rules and is playing the music I need to dance.

Then I started to experience Kenya at its best, with a lot of things postponed or made late, this was just the bad part, but I saw in this opportunity to explore more places that I probably didn’t have time, to spend more time with myself and read or reflect.

The food wasn’t so tasty, so it was hard for me to adapt with a lot of cabbage, but the good part in this I started to eat less and because each day I needed to go in center to have good internet to call home or work for our website, I was walking at least one hour and a half, so because of that I lost 14 kg, this it was my best success.

The leaving conditions were those I was expected, like in the night through my timber walls the air was passing by and the temperature was under 15 so it was very hard to fall asleep, but this helped me understand that conditions that I have are the best and nothing in this world is better than home.

Then people stories, until the moment I didn’t embrace the local mantra “ Hakuna Matata” – take it easy, I didn’t learned to live in Kenya, I need to pass through frustration to understand it, one thing I learned when I faced the ground the only way was up.

In the moment I took it easy I started to listen, to give other peoples more value, I started to understand that is not their fault, this is the culture and education you are born and in the past was worse. Things now are changing, are probably better.

In the end the Kenyan experience was an experience for me, was an experience to relearn how to live, to learn to appreciate everything, because those kids they have a smile and they are using it even they don’t have smartphones, they don’t have clean clothes or new ones, they play with balls make of socks and rocks.

Thanks Frank for all of this, you are a great host a talented person with big heart and a future leader for Kenya and thanks Kenya for being the birthplace for a new comfort zone.


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