How to learn everything


“Move, go up and move I said,  you can do it, you need to practice practice practice until you will be excellent”

This is my talk when I want to learn something, because I believe that the power of make it excellent we have it from when we were 1 year, think like that:

When you were 1 years old you wanted to learn how to walk and you started to fall, you stand up and fall again, but you didn’t give up walking, you continue until now you are excellent and this excellence is measured only by you, not others 🙂

So if you want to learn English practice English, if you want to be a good mathematician do exercises, but not stop and wait for the moment when you will know enough to do it, because that moment will not come, you make it.

A house doesn’t come directly constructed, you build it brick by brick so it’s a long process, some days the weather will not be good to build, but you don’t stop, you just take a break and come back again and again.

I started to write about this, because in my journey a lot of kids are not confident with their English, because they are afraid and one thing you need to get, that making mistakes is mandatory to develop, entrepreneurs when they talk about their business they talk about their mistakes did in their way to success, not about how cool is their company.

My journey of try and fail is in writing/blogging, I believe that I’m a bad writer, people will not read what I do here, because I believe that all the things I want to say here, people already said and I’m not original, I’m not unique.

It’s a big fear of working and not knowing if  my work is serving the world or not, if I’m worth reading or not, but I’m saying the story with the walking all the time to the kids, but when I’m alone with my work I’m not using it.

Now is my moment to use it as my story of writing, I will write and probably until the end of the journey I will set my way of excellence.

If you already read this give me feedback, say what you would like to read from my journey and as yourself the question, because I’m doing it and give me the power to write this!

Am I ready to make mistakes to master my skill of _______?


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